How to start

A short assistance for finding the right way to start with TCM Planner 4.

1. First of all you have to download the software by using the download link above.
2. Install the program by clicking on TCM Planner 4 Setup file.
4. Start the program.
5. The start window should be open now. Click on "Create new project".
6. You now can see the "Project Manager". Click on "Call wizard to create new transits step-by-step".
7. If you know, enter the dimensions of opening for reducing the possible frame sizes and click on "Next".
8. If you want, enter your cables or import an existing excel file with your cable list and click on "Next".
9. Choose a frame from the "TCM frames" window and confirm by clicking "OK".
10. Now you can see the transit window which is your work space.
11. Click "Add new cables" for adding additional cables.
12. Click "Divide by frame window" for automatically adding the cables to the frame.
13. Choose a frame window by selecting the numbered tab.
14. Repeat steps 11 and 12.
15. If you are finished with planning print your reports by pressing "Create report" in the program menu.
16. Don't forget to save your transits before closing the program.